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Our Rescues 

Jackson and J-lo

These 2 sweet babies came from a hoarding case. They were living in a home with about 30 other dogs and a cat. Jackson is about 3 yrs old and a lab mix, his daughter Jlo is 1.5 years old. They MUST go together!!! They are super sweet and a little shy in the begining. However, once they warm up they are a loyal delight! They would be best in a home with no other dogs. A quiet home with not so much foot traffic would be ideal for these sweet two as they can be a little nervous after all they have been through. 


Bella was a rescue from South Carolina, friends of ours reached out to us and informed us of her story. This was Bella's 2nd time in the shelter, she had been adopted out on 2 separate occasions, and  was pregnant both times she was found. The second time Bella was at the shelter, she had 9 puppies, half of them were adopted out at 4 (yes I said FOUR) weeks of age. However, Bella and the other 3 puppies still remained in the shelter. Time was becoming crucial as Bella was on the list to be euthanized. The shelter only had 14 kennels and they were full, so if any more strays came in, that was it for Bella. The story of this poor girl weighed heavy on our hearts, so with that being said we loaded up our SUV and headed down south. At that time we were under the impression that Bella's babies were 9-10 weeks, later we learned that they were really 4 weeks old. After a 16 hr trip and many helping hands, we arrived safe with Bella and her 3 babies, safe being an understatement. Bella's babies became ill very rapidly. All 3 had parvo and were immediately under veterinary care (all 3 puppies are now doing amazing). Bella however was doing well, she went in for a health visit and to get all her necessary blood work and remaining vaccinations done. This is when we learned that Bella was HW positive, and we began her treatment. Bella is residing with her wonderful foster mama and her fur siblings. She is crate trained, housebroken, good with other dogs and cats. She is an absolute love and will now get to really know what being loved is all about.